CIPS Diploma L4

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Get the CIPS Diploma in just 9 months


This is the entry level for our CIPS qualification programme. Prospective students either    need to be over 21 or have two 'A' levels or equivalent qualifications.

If you are not sure if CIPS Level 4 is right for you? why not get in touch for an informal chat. You can even come along to your first class for free on a 'try before you buy' basis

At Diploma Level 4 you will learn the skills you will need in your role as a supply chain professional. This level also provides the skills base to be built upon levels 5 & 6.

Many organisations now insist that their purchasing staff obtain the CIPS Diploma.

We believe in an active learning style and our sessions reflect this philosophy. There are plenty of practical exercises such as the negotiation session pictured below.

We don't just want you to pass the CIPS exams but to quote a current student, "So as well as the qualification, it will actually be beneficial in a practical sense also - which is great!"

Our Diploma students recorded a 95% pass rate in the July 2018 exams

We pride ourselves on being able to fit in with your training requirements. We can provide 'blended learning' (a mix of seminars and self study). We can also offer intensive session for students preparing for exams.

Our unit price is a competitive per unit £400 with  a further discount of £100 for students paying upfront for the entire Diploma  (5 units = £1900).


Self funding students, note there is no VAT to  add on to our fees !

The next start dates for the CIPS Diploma courses (level 4) these are ten week courses.

Start Date        Day              Time        Unit Title                Code       


November          Tuesday       2-5pm    Business Needs    D2

November           Tuesday      6-9pm    Negotiation            D4


March                   Tuesday    2-5pm      Relationships        D5

March                   Tuesday     6-9pm      Contexts               D1

*Extra Thursday 6-9pm   classes to be added subject to student numbers.

We know that you are busy!


    Many organisations cannot let staff attend courses during working hours.

So we make a point of 'rotating' evening and daytime units to allow the Diploma to be completed only in the evening session, only in the day time sessions, or a mixture of both.

    It is possible to complete the CIPS Diploma (Level 4) in just nine months!