CIPS Advanced Diploma L5

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Get the CIPS Advanced Diploma in just 9 months!

The CIPS Advanced Diploma build upon the skills gained at Diploma level 4 and prepares students for Professional Diploma Level 6.

It provides senior buyers, contract and supply chain managers with the expertise to improve organisational procurement and to fulfil organisational objectives. It gives you the knowledge base to reduce cost, improve quality and timescales, manage the supply chain and deal with legal issues.

Our 2018 results at Advanced Diploma - Level 5 show a 89% Pass rate

Advanced Diploma (Level 5) in Purchasing & Supply cost: £2400 (for all 60 credits)  

Individual Module per level Cost: 6 credits £250- 12 Credits £500

There is no VAT to  add on to our fees !

L5 M1 and M8 are ten week courses all others five week.

04/09/2019             Wednesday 1-45pm - 4.45pm         Contract                   L5M4 


04/09/2019             Wednesday  6pm - 9pm                   Contract                   L5M4                

26/11/2019             Wednesday 1-.45pm-5pm       Management                    L5M1


26/11/2019             Wednesday 6pm-9pm        Category Management         L5M6




29/1/2020             Wednesday 6pm-9pm        Project Management              L5M8



11/3/2020             Wednesday 1-.45pm-5pm         Supply Risk                      L5M2

                                                                                 Contract Risk                   L5M3


                                                                                   Alternate sessions


                               Wednesday 6pm-9pm                Management                  L5M1

20/05/2020             Wednesday  1-45pm - 4.45pm   Category Management  L5M6

                                                                                      Project Management    L5M8       

                                                                                        Alternate sessions

                                                      6pm - 9pm              Operations                    L5M9

                                                      6pm - 9pm              Ad Negotiation              L5M15

                                                                                       Alternate sessions

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